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Succession certificate in Pakistan

Succession certificate in Pakistan

admin / November 29, 2018

Succession certificate in Pakistan is a certificate issued from the court for distribution of moveable properties of the deceased among the legal heirs. When a person dies leaving behind any moveable property the question arises that among whom the assets will be distributed. Before the distribution of the assets of the deceased the other question arises that who are the legal heirs or a particular person is a legal of deceased or not. Many times fake people take the assets of the deceased therefore relevant department or bank requires a valid succession certificate in Pakistan.

Succession certificate procedure :- If you want to know what is the procedure of succession certificate in Pakistan let me guide you that you don’t need to learn the succession certificate procedure in Pakistan. Only thing you need to do is to appoint a good lawyer who can file your succession certificate application in the court and after applying the succession certificate law the lawyer will get you the succession certificate

Succession certificate requirements in Pakistan :- For the issuance of succession certificate in Pakistan the requirements are that the applicant need to be the legal heirs of the deceased. Copy of death certificate of the deceased is required and the property regarding which the succession certificate is required need to be mentioned. You lawyer will prove in court that the applicant is a legal heirs of the deceased and there is no other legal heirs other than those mentioned in the application and the property belongs to the deceased. If there are any other succession certificate requirements in Pakistan your lawyer will guide you accordingly.

Succession certificate for bank account :-  If you need a succession certificate for a bank account the applicant or applicants need to attach the bank statement along with application for the succession certificate and amount need to the mentioned along with the bank name and account number. The succession certificate for the bank account will be issued only for that particular bank account which is mentioned in the succession certificate form and that succession certificate will not be valid for any other bank account which is not mentioned in the application.

Succession certificate for pension :- Previously succession certificate for pension was required by the official departments of Pakistan for the withdrawal of pension by the legal heirs but now as per the latest judgment by the supreme court declaratory decree by the court is required instead of succession certificate. Still due to ignorance many official departments requires succession certificate but legally it is wrong. Suit for declaration is required to be filed by the lawyer instead of succession certificate for pension.

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