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admin / December 1, 2018

National Assembly in Pakistan has recently passed an act dealing with the procedure of marriage and divorce in Pakistan and the divorce procedure in Pakistan for the Hindu religion is not the same as Muslimz in Pakistan. The law applies only on people of Hindu religion in Pakistan. In Pakistan both the male and the female has to approach the court to take divorce and either of the party can take divorce only on the grounds that either of the party has changed his/her religion or the male has deserted the wife for a period not less than two years or either of the party is suffering from incurable disease or incurable mental disorder. For Hindu divorce procedure in Pakistan contact fileburp Law Associates and we will make Hindu divorce procedure in Pakistan easy for you. We will follow Hindu divorce in Pakistan and get you divorce. Hindu divorce in Pakistan is now possible due to hindu divorce law in pakistan and by following the hindu divorce law in pakistan we can get you divorce

There are two types of remedies which a party can seek from the court. No – 1 is the Judicial Separation and other is the divorce How ever if the court deems fit the judge can instead of passing divorce decree can pass a decree of judicial separation. Even if parties applying divorce or judicial remedy from the court is of Hindu religion The Family Court Act of 1964 will apply
Divorce by mutual consent : Both the husband and the wife can apply with mutual consent in the court for the divorce and can file the petition of dissolution of marriage on the ground that they both have been living separately for the period not less than two years and both have mutually agreed that they both cannot live with each other.
Remarrying of Divorced Hindu husband or wife: Either of the spouse cannot marry again with any other person until the time of appeal against the decree has been files or not preferred or if preferred dismissed or no change in the decision in appeal and after the expiry of three months from the final decision. Contact fileburp Law Associates for Hindu Divorce procedure in Pakistan.

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