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Court marriage law in Pakistan

Court marriage law in Pakistan

admin / November 29, 2018

There is no specific court marriage law in Pakistan. All of the provincial governments of Pakistan has not made any specific act or legislation which is specially pertaining to the court marriage law in Pakistan. However due to long pertaining history of courts in Pakistan a term of court marriage in Pakistan has developed. There are several authorities of high courts and supreme courts of Pakistan according to which the court marriages in Pakistan are conducted. These several authorities and rulings of high courts and supreme courts of Pakistan provides the guide line of court marriage in Pakistan. All the lawyers in Pakistan strictly follow these landmarks and rules set by the higher judiciary of Pakistan. Unless a specific court marriage law in Pakistan is introduced the rulings and guide lines of the higher judiciary of Pakistan will be followed. These ruling of the courts are related to age, sex, gender, competency of parties, puberty, cancellation of marriage, marriage certificates, procedure, paper work, specific conditions, authority of lawyer, registration of marriage etc. It is to clear you the concept of a court marriage in Pakistan that only lawyers in Pakistan are allowed to conduct the court marriages in Pakistan no other person other than a lawyer is legally competent to conduct any type of court marriage in any city of Pakistan. So when ever you have any legal issue or you need a professional services of court marriage just contact an expert court marriage lawyer. In a court marriage you need to appear before a court through your lawyer and only your lawyer will guide you as per your circumstances. Even your lawyer can do your work without your appearance in courts but whatever your situation is please discuss it with your lawyer.

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Court marriage in Lahore Pakistan  The law of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan is the same as court marriage law in Pakistan. The select ruling of high court and the supreme courts of Pakistan remain the same for the whole province and federation. There are thousands of select ruling on court marriage in Pakistan which cannot be mentioned here on this site. However we believe instead of keeping searching better to call our expert court marriage lawyer in Lahore so that we can guide you instantly. Advocate israr is an expert in court marriage services in Lahore Pakistan so if you have any question instead of wondering and keeping searching better to pick your mobile and call an expert.

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