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Court Marriage and Its kinds

Court Marriage and Its kinds

admin / December 1, 2018

Introduction: Considered Juristically, Marriage in Islam is a contract and not a sacrament. There are three aspects of marriage in Islamic laws which are necessary to understand the institution of marriage as a whole. It is a contract and not a sacrament. There are various court marriage kinds
islamic marriage
It has three features.
1- There can be no marriage without marriage.
2- In a contract provisions are made for its breach the various kinds of dissolution by acts of parties or by operation of law.
3- Terms of marriage contract are within legal limits capable of being altered to suit individual case. In Islam a definite high social status to women is given after marriage and there are restrictions on unlimited polygamy and allowed controlled polygamy.

Definition of Marriage: – Court Marriage in Pakistan is religious legal contracts that regularize sexual relationship between men and women, Establishes the lineage of their progeny and created civil rights and obligations between husband and wife and the object of marriage is legalizing and protection of children.
Holy Quran about marriage says – “Believers deny not to you the pleasures which the God has declared lawful “
Nature of Marriage –ourt ma Crriage in Lahore or Pakistan or even in Islam Marriage is a civil contract

Kinds of Marriage 
Various schools of thoughts in Islam recognizes various court marriage kinds in Islam
According to Sunni School of thought
Valid Marriage ( Sahih )
Irregular marriage ( Fasid )
Void marriage ( Batil )

According to Shia School of thought
Valid Marriage ( Sahih )
Void marriage ( Batil )

What is a valid marriage : Valid marriage is a marriage contracted and solemnized in accordance with Law and Shariah and all its conditions and requirements are complete and there is no legal requirement remaining
What is a void marriage : Void marriage is a marriage which has no legal status in the eye of Law and Islam and it is not recognized in Islam and court marriage laws in Pakistan.
What is an irregular marriage: Irregular marriage is the one from which some condition of a valid marriage is missing.

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