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Fileburp.com provides access to the up-to-date case-law and other content published by the law reporting journals of Pakistan published by PLD Publishers, that are:

  • All Pakistan Legal Decisions (PLD)
  • Supreme Court Monthly Review (SCMR)
  • Civil Law Cases (CLC)
  • Pakistan Criminal Law Journal (PCrLJ)
  • Pakistan Tax Decisions (PTD)
  • Pakistan Labour Cases (PLC)
  • Corporate Law Decisions (CLD)
  • Yearly Law Reporter (YLR)
  • Monthly Law Digest (MLD)
  • Gilgit-Baltistan Law Reports (GBLR)

The website’s infrastructure allows users access the most comprehensive collection of Pakistani case-law and legal information, with the various search options enabling our users to arrive at precise results. The website has been recently updated and various new features have been added.

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